Attendance Modes


Whatever your event format or mode of attendance, our software works in a consistent manner, offering registration, attendee profiling, event program with selectable sessions, and 1 to 1 meetings using one of our flexible diary or wish-list solutions.

Additional features that may be relevant to in-person events are:

  • With attendee managed networking, create teams and have team manager assign confirmed meetings to team members.
  • eBadging – create two-sided foldable badge in digital format, to be sent to attendees as a downloadable attachment. Alternatively, have the badge printed at an event.
  • Checkin App – quickly check your attendees into you event using our check-in web-app on a desktop, laptop or tablet device. With just 2-3 of letters from their name or organization, quickly identify arrivals and check them in, optionally printing a badge on demand.
  • attenDS App – use our downloadable app, available for iOS or Android, to scan a bar-code or QR code on a badge to check attendees into a presentation, workshop or roundtable.
  • LeaDS retrieval app – let exhibitors download our clever LeaDS retrieval app, available for iOS or Android, and capture visitor contact details directly onto their mobile phone or tablet.
  • For onsite registration at larger events we also are able to introduce you to a range of partners.


At virtual events, instead of assigning a table or stand to a meeting, the system will assign virtual meeting spaces. Users see their itinerary and click on a link to ‘meet’ their meeting partner online at the appointed time. If the event also includes a program, then keynotes, seminars and roundtables can take place in webinars or online group meetings instead.

Content Delivery through Webinars and Virtual Roundtables

  • Integrated webinars and roundtables – no downloads or plug-in required
  • Webinars with up to 100 participants with chat, including a maximum of 12 presenters or panellists with video, audio and screen share
  • Roundtables for up to 12 participants with video, audio, screen share and chat
  • Alternatively, for larger or more complex webinars, just provide a URL to your preferred third-party webinar service or pre-recorded content or ask us for recommendations. Users click a simple link within their conference itinerary to launch this.

Meetings at virtual events

  • One-click online meetings take place in user’s browser – no installation needed
  • Meeting start times and duration defined by organizer
  • Meeting partners able to enter meeting from 3-minutes before start time
  • Notification and countdown to meeting partners shortly before meeting is closed
  • Reminder SMS if participants are late for a meeting
  • Runs on desktop, tablet or mobile device
  • Branding opportunities for sponsors and suppliers
  • Video, audio, screen share and chat capabilities


Content Delivery through Live Streaming
Live streaming through integration with a third-party video conferencing platform of your choice. URLs to your chosen service are simply inserted in the event program.

If you are looking for assistance in setting up live streaming at your event, please ask us. We can recommend providers based on your specific needs.

Meetings at Hybrid Events
In some cases, hybrid means one or more days of in-person event plus one or more days of virtual event. Effectively this is two separate events – one in-person and one virtual — with common or overlapping groups of registrants. Our solutions address this requirement very neatly.

But the real challenge is to create a single event where some attendees attend in person, others attend remotely from different time-zones and all can meet all. Our hybrid solution addresses all manner of scenarios that may arise when onsite and remote attendees need to meet and offers the ultimate flexibility. We give:

  • Organizers the ability to define time slots for in-person, virtual and hybrid meetings.
  • Participants the ability to set up both their planned availability and presence at an event, and to switch their presence and reschedule meetings at the drop of a hat.
  • In-person attendees the ability to indicate times at which they are willing to take virtual meetings, if at all.


What separates Delegate Select from its competitors is the extensive range of features available across the whole of its product range. Development has been done entirely in response to client requirements, over many years. When asked today, “Can your software do this?” the answer is invariably “Yes”.

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