Our software is available primarily as a hosted service, running on our servers. However, we also offer a bespoke hosting service, where we run our software on your servers. Alternatively, the software is available as a licensed product to enterprises and larger event organizations that have their own IT capability. Contact us for details.

Our web-based architecture makes the service extremely scalable. As for resilience, our basic hosted service runs on multiple servers in secure data centers. This service is highly resilient and suffices for most customers’ needs. However, if you tell us that you want to run a fail-safe service for 30,000 registrants, with data mirrored on servers across three continents, we will happily set that up for you.

The pages that are displayed to end-users are created to your look-and-feel and carry your own logos and branding. Effectively, therefore, the web-pages are already branded as your own. We display our logo in the bottom right-hand corner with the strapline “Software created and hosted by Delegate Select”. To remove or replace this with your own logo, you would need to run our software as a licensed product or engage us to host a bespoke service for you.

No, providing that the type of registration and profiling information you collect for each event remains fairly constant, a user’s data will still be available the next time he or she attends one of your events.

Yes, you can. Our service permits you to distinguish between actual and prospective attendees that have been loaded into your database. The system gives you the ability to send personalized emails, as either HTML or plain text, to anyone on the database.

No. End-users are served pure HTML/XHTML. All they need on their desktop is a browser. Administrators who use our web-based administrative interface will need to have Sun Microsystem’s JRE (Java Runtime Environment) preloaded in their browser.

You have a lot of flexibility. You can display your own graphics and images. You have your own style sheet permitting you to control colors, fonts and text sizes. The content on each page is under your control. The only constraints you face are in the layout of certain pages that are dynamically created by the system.

Yes. New enhancements are being incorporated on a continuous basis and in a manner that maintains backward compatibility. Existing users will be able to automatically benefit from new features.

Our service use cookies in two ways. The first is solely for the purpose of maintaining conversationality with the user and to enable the user to resume a current session following a period of inactivity of over 20 minutes. The second is when a user chooses to have the computer remember his/her log-in details.

Very easy. Switching between services can generally be accomplished through changes in the configuration settings.

Yes, we already provide 24×7 support for customers throughout North America. While our service is mainly delivered from UK data centers, we are able to run our service at US data-centers if requested.

Our reporting tools allows you to perform a large variety of searches on your data and export the results to Excel. However, if you need further reports, we can create these for you.

For our delegate networking services, the minimum information we require from a registrant is a name and email address. The simplest interface is a link from your registration system to ours, with data passed as “name=value pairs” appended to a URL. Alternatively, you are able to upload your data from an Excel spreadsheet simply and quickly using our data upload utility.

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