Delegate Select’s software service is comprehensive yet extremely versatile. It can be used to create the entire functionality for a conference, exhibition or buyer/supplier forum, or to deliver rich meeting functionality to an existing event website.

Features across all attendance modes
Exhibition / Trade Show
Conference / Summit
Buyer / Supplier Forum
Community Networking

Own Branding & Look-and-Feel

If it is important to you to maintain your own branding, rather than send users to a generic site for registration, payment and other activities, then Delegate Select offers you the ideal solution. Either integrate our functionality into your website through an i-frame or have us quickly set up a custom event website with your branding, graphics, colour scheme and fonts.

Custom Registration

Customizable registration forms enable you to capture as much or as little information about attendees at your event as needed, using text fields, combo-boxes, radio buttons and check-boxes. Supplementary forms permit the input of hotel, flight information or other data. If you run multiple events for the same group of attendees, then users’ details once entered, can be available for future events. The system can be set so that registrants are marked as automatically approved on registration, or as requiring approval from the organizer before being admitted to an event.

Profiling / Demographics

Profiling information, sometimes referred to as demographics, can be extremely useful for both event organizers and, if your event includes networking, potential meeting partners. Our graphical interface permits you to quickly create profiling categories to be displayed as radio buttons, checkboxes, combo-boxes and text fields. Conditional profiling is permitted, where the selection of an element can open a further profiling category. Users can crop and upload photos and company logos, as well as documents. They can also provide links to videos and social media.

Online Payment / Invoicing

When you use our payment service to collect payment online, we integrate with your preferred payment gateway (e.g. Stripe, Worldpay, Sagepay or Paypal) in the currency of your choice. Use our service to automatically generate invoices and payment receipts. Our payment module can handle discounts and promotions and allows organizers to design a bespoke payment package for a specific registrant or groups of registrants. The module also permits registrants to pay to attend a particular program session and automatically be marked into the session. Limits can be set on the number of tickets sold.

Conference Program with Session Selection

You have full control over the published content of your conference agenda, with the ability to make changes at any time. Define single or multi-stream programs. Set session attendance limits. Display speaker profiles. Enable attendees to ask speakers a question. Permit speakers to see attendees who have booked into their session. Produce reports of session attendees.

Audience Engagement

Once a session has started, attendees are able to give a star-rating and feedback using their phone or another mobile device. This data becomes available to the event organizer in a report. Third party services, such as Sli.do can easily be added to an event.

Diary Availability

Users can manage their own availability and, if a hybrid event, attendance presence too. For a global event that runs round the clock over several days, users in different time zones can block out times, say, from 6 pm in the evening to 9 am the next day with a single click.

One-to-One Meeting - Scheduled by Attendees

Our one-to-one meeting service is intuitive for users and integrates smoothly with your event agenda. The service can be set for one group so that any attendee can meet any other, or for two groups, enabling meetings between visitors and exhibitors, buyers and suppliers, etc. Attendees manage their own diaries. The platform can be set up in many different ways according to the type of event and the requirements of the organizer.

One-to-One Meetings - Curated by Organiser

This service can be set for one group or two. Participants at a conference or forum can review prospective meeting partners and give the thumbs up to those they wish to meet or, if so configured, the thumbs down to those they do not. They may then prioritize their list of prospective meeting partners using a drag-and-drop interface. Optionally, each party may see others who have put them high on their list and drag them onto theirs. Through the administrative desk, the organizer confirms and schedules meetings based on the participants’ preferences using sophisticated features built into the platform.

Personalized Itinerary

Prior to and during the event, attendees can view their personalized itinerary with details of their program session selections and confirmed meetings. They can print their itinerary, send it to themselves by email, and export meetings and selections sessions via iCal to an external diary. The system can send a direct link via email or SMS to event registrants, enabling them to place an icon on their mobile phone. When clicked, the icon can be set land them within the mobile web app on their itinerary page. Changes to an individual’s meeting schedule made by the organizer through the admin desk during an event will automatically appear in the itinerary when refreshed.

Extra pages with own Content

Add new pages with text, images and multimedia content. Such pages may, for example, be used to show information about sponsors, speakers, venue and directions, hotels and accommodation, attendee lists, joining instructions or event personnel. Links will automatically appear on the menu bar, which can be configured to display horizontally or vertically.

Multilingual Capability

Spanish, French, Portuguese, Arabic and Russian are some of the languages in which websites using our service are displayed. For any language, the corresponding words and phrases can be set up in a 'dictionary' and assigned to an event.

Email / SMS Communications

Advanced email and SMS communications are embedded in the system. Send specific emails to a target group of recipients. Set timers to schedule the automatic sending of custom emails. Other options include the ability to send custom and system emails using your own email address.

Additional features for in person events
Exhibition / Trade Show
Conference / Summit
Buyer / Supplier Forum
Community Networking

Team Management

This feature permits a stand manager at an exhibition to add stand members and manage their availability. The system then knows the number of meetings an exhibitor can take at any one time. Prior to the event the stand manager can allocate confirmed meetings to team members as appropriate and send them their personalized itinerary of meetings.

Badges & e-ticketing

Badging and e-ticketing templates can be set up on an event by event basis, containing sponsor logos, images, bar codes that can be scanned to record access and QR codes, containing visitor contact information. Badges can be printed single or double sided as desired.

Arrival and Attendance Recording

Our 'attenDS' app, available from the App Store for iOS or Google Play for android devices, permits event staff to scan attendee badges to record entry into the event venue and attendance at various program sessions. A second arrival web app enables registration desk staff, using a desktop, laptop or tablet to quickly identify entrants, mark them as 'arrived' and print a badge.

Exhibitor Lead Retrieval

Our LeaDS app, downloadable from the App Store for iOS or Google Play for android devices, permits exhibitors to scan QR codes on visitor badges and capture their information on their mobile device. Leads captured can be annotated with comments and follow-up codes. Exhibitors can have the option to synchronise the data captured on their device with that on our server, for backup purposes.

Additional features for virtual events
Exhibition / Trade Show
Conference / Summit
Buyer / Supplier Forum
Community Networking

Integration with Webinar Platform

Delegate Select permits organizers to easily slot URL links to third-party video-conferencing and live-streaming sessions into their program. For instance, a link titled "Join Conference Webinar" can appear on the end-users' itineraries which, when clicked, will take them directly into the session on the organizer's chosen platform. Users may add a session link in their itinerary directly into their personal Outlook, Google or Apple calendars via iCal.

Display of Recorded Content

Organizers can also slot URL links to pre-recorded sessions into their program. Once a session has been made available for viewing, remote users can click the link and view the pre-recorded content.

Multizone Capability

The powerful multizone features built into the system allow remote users around the world to see all times relating to program sessions, meetings and availability, adjusted to their own time zone. The time is automatically picked up from the user's browser and, unless deliberately adjusted (e.g. if user plans to be in a different location at the time of the event), no action is required.

Virtual Exhibitor/Sponsor Booth

Exhibitors at a tradeshow can request a virtual booth for the duration of the show in which visitors can "drop in" for an impromptu meeting, whenever a staff member is available to receive them and the booth is not otherwise in use.

Rolling Window of Time

Designed for Community Networks, where members want to meet virtually, this feature enables the site owner to set a rolling window of time during which meetings can take place. If, for example, meetings can only be booked seven days in advance, at midnight, the day that has just passed, will be closed for new meetings and a new day opened up at the end to accommodate more meetings.

Additional features for hybrid events
Exhibition / Trade Show
Conference / Summit
Buyer / Supplier Forum
Community Networking

Integration with Live Streaming Platform

For hybrid events, content can be displayed to remote attendees in the same manner as in virtual events. The main difference is that onsite attendees will attend the session in the physical meeting room shown in their itinerary and virtual attendees will click on a link to a virtual meeting shown next to the room.

Meetings between Onsite and Remote Attendees

Hybrid events can permit the scheduling of meetings between onsite and remote attendees. The organizer determines exactly which meeting slots will be available for live meetings, virtual meetings or both. It will then be up to attendees to manage their availability and willingness to take virtual meetings with remote attendees while onsite.

Attendees to Manage Presence

The system permits attendees to change their planned presence at an event from physical to virtual and vice-versa at will and, if necessary, reschedule any confirmed meetings.

Additionally, our powerful administrative desktop allows event organizers to manage web content and registrant data and communicate with registrants.

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