Community Networking

Bringing communities together

Community Networking is the ideal solution for communities whose members want to stay in touch throughout the year, intermittently participate in webinars, roundtables and workshops, and view pre-recorded content.

Turn your event into an ongoing virtual community. Alternatively run a membership community and let your members sign up for your events with a single click without having to re-enter their contact details and profiling information.

Key features

  • Fully hosted website for online community, branded and customizable.
  • All page content under organizers’ control.
  • Run regular online webinars, presentations and roundtables for your members
  • Meetings scheduled by participants during a rolling window of time set by organizer. For example, organizer may permit members to arrange meetings among themselves only two weeks in advance but let them book into webinars and other planned activities further ahead.
  • All meetings confirmed between participants will create an entry/meeting link in their itinerary. Clicking on it will take the participants directly into their online meeting.
  • Participants can be in different parts of the world. All times are adjusted to their local time zone.