Organizer Onsite App

Delegate Select’s new onsite app is full of rich functionality:

  • Find an event registrant by:
    • Scanning a QR code
    • Searching by contact details (search on first/last name, company name, etc)
  • Print badge with QR code for an attendee
  • Perform the following actions against a badged registrant:
    • Mark as in/out for the show
    • Mark as in/out for selectable sessions. Person scanning will get instant info as whether the registrant was registered to attend the session or not.
    • Mark in/out for non-selectable sessions.
      Note: The ability to scan attendees in and out of sessions with timestamps is necessary if attendance at any of your event sessions can contribute towards CPD (Continuous Professional Development)
    • Mark meeting attendees as having attended a scheduled meeting (one or both meeting partners attended)
    • View registrant’s details
    • View registrant’s itinerary (of sessions and meetings)
  • View sessions and show scheduled/actual attendees
  • View imminent meetings
  • View statistical data and charts