Does your company organize Gala Dinners? If so, on a scale of 1 to 10 how stressful is it for those doing the organizing and administration?

If you have sponsors booking tables, it’s even worse, isn’t it? Making sure the right person is sitting in the right place and getting served the right food is a bit like driving a car blind-folded with someone in the back seat giving directions.

So what might your perfect stress-free Gala Dinner solution look like? How about this?

  • Sponsors book one or more tables, company representatives book several seats, individual attendees book a single seat
  • Payment is taken online or invoices are issued automatically
  • Everyone who books one or more seats and/or tables is wholly responsible for who sits on their seat(s) as well as their dietary requirements
  • Table sponsors have the additional benefit of being able to arrange the seating around their table
  • The event organizer can place any unassigned persons booked by company representatives or individuals to empty spaces at tables
  • Just before the Gala Dinner, the event organizer prints seating plans and presses a button to send notification by email or SMS to all attendees telling them where they are sitting.

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