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Meetings implementation

The diary implementations enable participants to request, confirm and decline meetings themselves with no involvement from the organizer. The wish-list implementations enable participants to create ordered lists of preferred meeting partners, but give the organizer the tools needed to automatically and manually schedule meetings based on participants’ preferences.

Graham SimonMeetings implementation
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Badge Printing and Scanning

Instantly create badges as pdfs, which can be sent to a laser/inkjet printer for multiple badges per sheet or to a PVC card printer (credit card size).

Print single badges easily at your event in the case of walk-ins and name changes.

Colour code your badges to distinguish delegates from sponsors, exhibitors, speakers, staff etc.

Print badges with bar codes or QR codes.

Download our attenDS app from GooglePlay or the AppStore to scan attendees on arrival or on entry into particular event sessions, such as sponsored workshops.

Let your exhibitors download our LeaDS app from GooglePlay or the AppStore and capture data of visitors to their stand.


Selina TurfusBadge Printing and Scanning
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Advanced Features

Multiple registration, permitting booking person to register and pay for others.

Networking between two groups of attendees, eg. delegates/sponsors, visitors/exhibitors.

SMS communications to registrants – ad hoc or using prepared templates.

Ability for one-to-one meeting host to invite additional attendees to join.

Functionality delivered as an i-frame within your own event website.

Larger events – from 500 to 10,000 registrants.

Customized post-event survey.

Multi-lingual implementation

Selina TurfusAdvanced Features
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Mobile Web App

Our responsive design ensures that ALL THE FUNCTIONALITY of your desktop application is now available to mobile users in a format specially designed for mobile devices.

Works on all smart phones.

Selina TurfusMobile Web App
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One-to-one Meetings

Registrants see other attendees and send meeting requests.

On confirmation the system allocates a meeting place.

All registrants receive a personalized itinerary including their meetings and selected conference sessions.

Selina TurfusOne-to-one Meetings
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Conference Program/Agenda

Permit registrants to select sessions, view speaker profiles and submit questions for speakers.

Create and maintain your conference agenda once, but show it before registration and then after with session selection options.

Optionally set room limits and show spaces remaining.

Let attendees rate sessions and submit feedback.

Selina TurfusConference Program/Agenda
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Integration with your Sagepay, Worldpay, Stripe or Paypal account means zero commission charges from our side regardless of the number or value of tickets you sell. It also means you get quicker access to your money.

As soon as a registrant agrees to your terms and conditions and asks to be invoiced, an invoice with your branding is generated and automatically emailed.

Selina TurfusPayment
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