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Osney Media

At Osney Media we’ve been working on ways to enhance interaction between delegates for over 10 years. We even built our own system for managing meetings. When we saw Delegate Select’s system we moved over straight away. It has a much deeper functionality enabling us to not just match delegates, but also provide full management of the agenda. We have always found the system to be easy to use, and the Delegate Select team willing to go the extra mile. I’ve seen no one that can match what they do.

peter kongOsney Media
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Jennifer Stewart

Christos Pantazis is the quickest and most helpful guy I’ve ever met on Themeforest. His theme is awesome and if you need to alter it under the hood, he responds so quickly. I could hardly believe. Big plus for his support and a big plus for his amazing theme. Keep it up.

peter kongJennifer Stewart
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Billy Thompson

I’ve been a long time themeforest buyer and i have bought dozens of themes and i can’t express to you how powerful beautiful and dynamic this theme is let alone the great customer service and you get a them that is a must. Whether you have a theme you like or not, you must get this theme!

peter kongBilly Thompson
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Theresa Williams

This theme is simply amazing i give it 5 stars in every category Customizability, Design Quality, Customer Support, Feature Availability, Documentation Quality. It’s an absolute must for someone with a big vision looking for a theme that you won’t grow out of quickly.

peter kongTheresa Williams
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Matthew Rodriguez

This theme has everything designed to help anyone build an awesome site. I purchased many themes, found that most were limited to get you what you wanted in appearance without out purchasing additional plugins. This theme has it all! Worth every penny! Thank you guys.

peter kongMatthew Rodriguez
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William Sanders

Delegate Select’s service surpassed all our expectations. Their registration, day planning and meeting functionality fitted seamlessly into our own event website and participants in our high profile Multaqa event were gushing in their praise of the system. In all, our attendees arranged over 1250 meetings among themselves. Delegate Select’s personnel were always friendly and responsive. We’ll definitely be using their service again next year.

peter kongWilliam Sanders
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Marie Clark

After purchasing all of the top rated theme I find this theme to be the most intuitive. Everything is right where it’s supposed to be and makes use of the best plugin combinations I have ever seen. Truly, there are no words to describe how happy I am with this theme! Recommended

peter kongMarie Clark
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Lisa Hughes

This theme is super easy to customise and the support team is just awesome. They helped me add a few design and styling changes and guided me to customise my theme. They were very knowledgable and fast. Thanks again! This is the best theme and support money can buy!

peter kongLisa Hughes
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