Self-scheduled Meetings

Managed by Attendees

Delegate Select’s self-scheduled meeting service enables attendees at conferences, exhibitions or networking events to quickly identify suitable meeting partners and arrange meetings among themselves with minimal involvement from the organiser.

The service is extremely flexible and can usually be configured to address the specific requirements of organizers, regardless of how unique they consider their event to be.

Available options:

  • One Group or Two: You can have a one-group configuration, where everyone meets everyone, or you can have two groups (e.g. visitors/exhibitors, buyers/suppliers, delegates/sponsors) who may meet each other and can, if desired, also arrange meetings among themselves. Within a group it is further possible to sub-divide registrant types.
  • Different Views and Permissions by Group: Groups can be labelled as desired. With two groups, each group can be profiled independently, and the system can be set to permit different meeting access. So, for example, if you have visitors and exhibitors, possible permutations might include one or more of the following: visitor-exhibitor, exhibitor-visitor, visitor-visitor and exhibitor-exhibitor. Individual registrants within groups who do not wish to participate in meetings can be labelled as “non-networking”.
  • Limits on Meeting Requests: It is possible to cap the number of meeting requests permitted by group. It is also possible to set a default cap by group but selectively raise or lower this limit for individual registrants.
  • Master List of Meeting Times: The organizer sets the framework for meetings by deciding when they are permitted to take place and how long they should be.
  • Meeting Time selected on Issue or Receipt of Request: The system will only present users with timeslots when both are available – i.e. neither is in another meeting nor planning to attend a program session. However, the service can be set up so that either the person requesting the meeting chooses the time – generally appropriate for visitors to an exhibition – or the person receiving the meeting request makes the choice.
  • Request a Meeting or Book an Appointment: The system is generally configured so that the party issuing a meeting invite can request a meeting that needs to be confirmed or declined by the recipient. It is possible to set up the service so that a party can book an appointment directly in someone else’s diary. This can be particularly useful in events where the requesting party has already been pre-qualified as a “power-buyer”.
  • Meeting Location fixed or dynamically assigned: Meetings can take place at a dedicated meeting place associated with one of the meeting parties, e.g., a meeting takes place on an exhibitors’ stand; alternatively, the organizer can define a pool of locations and the system allocates these to confirmed meetings on a first-come, first-served basis.

The meeting service is fully integrated with the event program defined through Delegate Select’s administrative desk. This tool is feature rich, permitting the creation of a multi-stream program with limits on the number of registrants at specific sessions as well as the ability to assign a session to a speaker and have registrants “ask the speaker a question”. Attendees can book into sessions of interest and also rate sessions on a mobile device, once the session has started.

The system will not let users choose a session when they are scheduled to attend a meeting.

Each user will be able to print, email or view their personalised event itinerary on their mobile device before, during and after an event.

Organizers have access to powerful reporting tools enabling them to view and list session attendance and meetings as well as produce itineraries for attendees.