Delegate Select’s web-based software service is responsive and can be viewed on a PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. Close to the event, a direct link can be sent to attendees enabling them to bypass login and access a powerful personalised Web App.

  • In-built functionality enables users to:
  • Arrange meetings with exhibitors, sponsors or other attendees
  • View conference agenda, select sessions, post questions for speakers, rate sessions and give feedback
  • View personalised itinerary
  • Update contact details
  • Maintain personal profile
  • Additionally, the event organiser can add extra pages, labelled as desired, to display such content as:
  • Exhibitor Directory
  • Venue information
  • Floor plans
  • Speaker profiles
  • Sponsor profiles
  • Contact Information
  • Pages can be selectively shown to different groups of attendees – for example, the content shown to exhibitors may differ significantly from that shown to visitors.
  • Pages can be set to display before or after a user is logged in.
  • Start and end dates can be set to manage the display of extra pages.
  • These features combine to present event attendees with a personalised Web App, customised to enhance their at-event experience.
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