Why us

At least six good reasons

Huge amount of experience – having provided one-to-one meetings to all types of business events for over 12 years, we have a wealth of experience to draw upon.

Two different approaches to one-to-one meetings – Not only do we offer many variations of attendee managed meetings, we also offer advanced organizer-curated meetings, not readily available elsewhere.

Excellent customer service – being an owner managed company makes us highly responsive to customer communications, as our clients will readily testify.

Single configurable platform – our single configurable platform provides hundreds of permutations; customers get bespoke solutions without having to pay extra.

Customization available – but, because our development is done onshore and our code is closely held, we can, if needed, perform further customization quickly and inexpensively.

Unbeatable prices – for the highest quality solutions; comparing like for like, you will not find lower pricing in the marketplace.